Artist Geoffrey Nicastro

chooses Steve Jobs


“The Peace Heard Project” is a 21st century artwork that incorporates human history, sculpture, and technology.  The P.H.P. began in my thoughts and continues in our minds and the internet.  The power of the information age, physical sculptures and many artists is a combination we have seen change the world, and it was most recently done by Steve Jobs.

Working with Mr Jobs, in the mid 1990s, gave me the courage to explore my ideas and live for my art rather than concern for retirement.  Here are some of reasons I believe Steve Jobs belongs in The Peace Heard Project.

Steve Jobs was completely invested with his vision, committed to his ideas and the long vision. He shines as an example of following an untraveled path. The ability to gather bright interdisciplinary minds to achieve an end goal is a remarkable strategy that should be employed towards any long problem.  Steve Jobs transformed the worlds communication methods by gathering a collection of good ideas and assembled them into a whole that was more than the parts. And raised the computer to a tool used by the average person.

In an interaction I had with Mr Jobs I remember getting the message: “To plan the demise of your competitor  is not only time wasted you could have been planning success, it ignores the fact that we only learn by doing, and why would you want to get better at planing failure?”   This seems such a powerful universal principle, I try to use it in personal decisions and imagine it used in international conflict, or pest control decisions.

I believe that General System Theory can be applied to all disciplines, I am pushed by possibility of what lays ahead with The Peace Heard Project because of the success of the iPhone. And, the idea that Steve Jobs pushed forward from the late 80‘s that makes the iPhone possible is Object-Oriented-Programing.  From a  50000 foot view, Object-Oriented-Programing is a way to collect a group of ideas, into something that is called an object; calculator, text editing, menus, titlebars.... Then, building an application using the objects like building with legos. We now have the App store, hundreds of thousands of new and exciting ways to use the packaged objects together. The Peace Heard Project trys to object-orient the ideas the Peace Heard inductees have used and bring them together. I am fueled by the possibilities of what lays ahead.

So, I choose Steve Jobs as the first inductee to The Peace Heard Project for both his contribution to mankind, and also his indirect inspiration of the project’s idea, which he gave me by hiring me to evangelize object orientated programing.

This sculpture is on display at

Sierra Azul Nusery & Garden

and can be visited during business hours at

2660 East Lake Avenue (Highway 152)

Watsonville, CA 95076


Steve Jobs,the First Inductee to

“The Peace Heard Project”.

Geoffrey Nicastro worked at NeXT Computer Inc.  1992 till 1997. He had a 3month period of preparing hardware and software for Steve Jobs’ presentations.