8000+ life sized sculptures from around the world. Each of a figure who has helped create; a regional peace, solved a social problem, or an innovation that improved humanity,  through non-violent means. 
Congregated  in a field to create an aerial image of the peace dove.
A website with access to multiple translations of each individuals actions. 
With a visitor learning center where the biography  
and mediation abilities of each figure can be studied. 
A sculpture facility to make reproductions to be shared around the world.
Installed in a place that can accommodate many visitors.                                                                                                                                                                


This project will take a community of people to create, And will take years to manifest, install, maintain and finance.
Your help can start today.  Start building a sculpture today! 

 email me with names of people you 
believe belong in the “heard”.

Thank you for your support.

Geoffrey Nicastro 
Contact: Geoffrey Nicastro <click here to email<

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

“The Peace Heard Project” is an idea inspired by the Terra Cotta Warriors, a huge sculptural installation in Xi'an, China where Emperor Qin Shi Huang had an entire army and its equipment built from clay and bronze to protect his tomb. Each figure is unique with their different face and armor. To see eight thousand figures together makes a powerful impact.

This incredible sculptural example made me think: “What would happen if we build a sculpture on the same scale and represent people who have made social progress through peaceful means instead of warriors? People like Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Steve Jobs have done incredible things without violence, they should be celebrated.“ “What an awesome sculpture park that would be. Think of what an incredible example it would set for future generations.” This struck me as a really powerful idea, and I have given it the name “The Peace Heard Project.” Heard because we will be hearing their stories. I have been planning how to make something so grand happen.

The First 4 figures are on display at

Sierra Azul Nusery & Garden

and can be visited during business hours at

2660 East Lake Avenue (Highway 152)

Watsonville, CA 95076